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About This Site
Hi, my name is Phil Williams, and I created this site because I like to look at photos of the way things were. In most cases, I would say, things looked better (and were better) in the past.

Over the past 10 years or so I've taken photos of various buildings and locations before they were demolished or redeveloped. I wanted a place online to share these photos with friends and family, so I built this site (I am a web developer by day). I decided to open it to the public so that new friends (like you) might be inspired to share similar photos as well. Hopefully we can collectively build up a kind of visual history of the places around us. I would certainly like to see such a thing.

For the time being this is basically just a one-man volunteer operation, so please be a little patient when using the site. If you encounter any bugs or problems, let me know via the contact form below, and I'll fix them ASAP. And if you have any suggestions or you'd like to help out in any way, that'd be great, drop me a line as well.

Happy browsing and sharing! Thanks for visiting.

— Phil
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